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6 thoughts on “ H2SO4 - I Need Love / I Need Feel

  1. Lyrics to 'Saturday Morning' by Harry Chapin. Saturday morning and it's growing light. I look out my window and remember the night. The story is starting or the story ends And I feel like I need you again.
  2. At school, one of my friends was in the science lab, and he went to drink from his water bottle. Turns out, he drank out of a beaker with H2SO4 inside it. He had to go to the hospital, but I'm wondering, can you die by drinking H2SO4?
  3. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English feel the need to do something feel the need to do something KNOW something to believe that you need to do something Children who can talk to their parents feel less need to try drugs. → feel Examples from the Corpus feel the need to do something • She had hoped that after so long here nomole.
  4. Gotta have some love tonight I need hot stuff I want some hot stuff I need some hot stuff Lookin' for a lover who needs another Don't want another night on my own Wanna share my love with a warm blooded lover Wanna bring a wild man back home Gotta have some hot love baby this evenin' I need some hot stuff baby tonight I want some hot stuff baby.
  5. Lyrics to 'E-Rotic - Help Me Dr. Dick' by E-rotic. I'm doc doc doctor Dick and when you're feeling sick babe I know a trick it's sex and it's sex you'll be feeling alright hey let's have sex together and forever tonight I'm your doc doc doctor doctor Dick.
  6. John Holt - A Love I Can Feel ( version) I want a love I can feel That's the only kind of love, I think is real Don't you know I wanna love? I want a love I can feel That kind of loving you could give to me That kind of the kisses that will make me mad That kind of loving, that will really be fair.

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