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6 thoughts on “ Joseph Crowfish - The Frogs - Made-Up Songs #2,3,4

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  2. Paul Thomas Anderson (born June 26, ) is an American filmmaker. Born in Los Angeles, Anderson developed an interest in filmmaking from a young age. An alumnus of the Sundance Institute, Anderson made his feature film debut with Hard Eight in Children: 4.
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  4. Music & Songs: Reptiles & Pond Life. Polly - Wog added Original Author Unknown. There once was a polly named Wog Who wanted to change to a frog. So he dropped off his tail Grew legs without fail And croaked all day on a log. Ten Little Froggies added Original Author Unknown.
  5. Sir James Paul McCartney CH MBE (born 18 June ) is an English singer, songwriter, musician, composer, and record and film producer who gained worldwide fame as co-lead vocalist and bassist for the Beatles. His songwriting partnership with John Lennon remains the most successful in britpop.alsarilsaithforius.infoinfo: James Paul McCartney, 18 June (age 77), .
  6. The above glimpse of the life can be best summarized by the story of Three frogs. Yes, the story of three frogs start when three young frogs playing with each suddenly fell into a pot of milk accidently left open at a farmer’s house. The pot was only half filled and the walls of the pot were too high for the frogs .

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