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6 thoughts on “ The First Few Days Of Love - Billy Parker - Always Country

  1. Apr 29,  · I was lost the first few years with no arms—after all, I worked with my hands all my life as a welder, and that’s all I knew and was damn good at it. I remember a friend telling me, “Billy you may have lost your arms, but you still have a brain.” I’ve always been a positive guy and knew I .
  2. Thanks for stopping by, Billy. It's an honor. Courtesy of Wayne McCombs and Joe Riddle, here is the opening of the Billy Parker Big Rigger Show on KVOO in Says Wayne: "Starting in , Billy Parker worked 12 midnight - 5 a.m. on KVOO-AM with country music and requests.
  3. The Country I wondered about you when you told me never to leave a box of wooden, strike-anywhere matches lying around the house because the mice might get into them and start a fire. But your face was absolutely straight when you twisted the lid down on the round tin where the matches, you said, are always .
  4. The First Few Days Of Love: B4: You Don't Have To Drive Me Crazy: B5: Her Lovin' Already Told Me She Was Gone.
  5. Dec 05,  · Billy Parker: I say when I was a very small child I flew a kite, as many of us did, a one-line, traditional kid’s toy kite and this could simply be the first step. Next you can purchase a small two-line stunt kite that has very little pull at almost any beach store and switch the handles out with a .
  6. about. While Billy Parker was a mainstay on country radio, his claim to fame was as an influential disc jockey, not as a performer; ironically, for all of the Top 40 hits he spun over the course of his decades on the air, not one of them was his own.

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